A Consortium of Mages

Missive #1

Letter to Xander Greene

Dearest Nephew,

How goes your shipping concern?  I hope this finds you well, and that you are putting my investment to good use.  So, finally I may be making my way into the ranks of Journeyman for the Academy.  It has been a good long time coming.  Already, your father ages and you are poised to take his place.  I am still a lowly apprentice Magus.  However, I hope to soon shed the fetters that bind me to such station.  I hope your mother is well, and Xander, I have a story for you…

So, to start my trials into Journeyman status I had to fight a knight of some arcane order.  He was a big fellow, and very angry to say the least.  They have placed me in a group that I am a bit unsure of.  One of which walks around merged with his Eidlon looking like a walking corpse, the other if you are willing to believe is a dark elf.  Yes, you read that correctly, they have put a Kyonin Lord with a dark elf.  I feel the headmaster may wish me assassinated in my sleep.  Luckily from what I can discern my darkvision is on par with his so his sneaking up on me will hopefully be hampered by such.  I digress however, during the combat this knight I believe took my heritage personally.  That, and I don't think he liked having his legs cut out from under him after he knocked me on my ass.  It was after that particular attack that he hit me with a beam of some kind and knocked me well beyond unconscious.  We were then given a day to gather our things for a voyage out in the wilds.

I was able to contact Jaydon and have him drive the wagon out to the place where we were to picking wildflowers for some sort of potion that the Master required.  As you know, picking flowers is best left to school girls and nurse maids, however we at least had some interesting encounters with several rock lobster creatures.  They were of grand size and made quite a tasty meal once they were prepared.  My compatriots did however prove themselves capable during battle with the lobster creatures.  I don't know that I would want to stand against a horde of Orcs with them, but really I wouldn't want to stand against a horde of Orcs with anyone.  So, we picked our flowers, returned to camp and bedded down for the night.  The night passed by mostly uneventfully, the dark elf didn't attempt to slit my throat once, then dawn broke.  At that time I heard a strange hum coming from the east of camp.  I looked and lo there was a giant bee, when I say giant I mean that you could have ridden it up until perhaps two years ago.  I had spent the majority of my magic it was blade to stinger, and boy let me tell you I got stung.  This creature put its' stinger directly through me.  My compatriots did once again prove themselves to be adept with their abilities and kept me from being bee food.  Ho, let me tell you I'm glad I was in traveling gear I would have ruined anything else I was wearing.  Well, I shall let you return to your world, but I will write more as my adventure unfolds.

With Love,
Uncle Tor


DannyLilly Darkefroste

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